The Difference Between Auto Body Repair and Auto Repair

Auto Body Repair and Auto Repair are two different things. In most cases Auto Body Shops & Auto Repair Shops don’t do the same work, but in some cases they do.

Auto body repair has to do with the exterior/ outside parts of the car(the body). If you get into a car accident and your side door, or fender, or bumper get pushed in, that is body damage. The damage on the car will only need collision repair or auto body repair as long as there is no mechanical and electrical damage on the car.

Auto repair focuses mainly on the mechanical part of a car. When there is work that needs to be done in or around the engine, this is considered auto repair. Some examples of auto repair would be a tune up, a/c repair, clutch repair, suspension repair, etc. Most Auto Repair shops DO NOT do Auto body repair!

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